Open Letter to the High School Seniors

In a few month’s time, you will be saying goodbye to the halls you once called home and the people you consider as family. Soon, you’ll be out in a whole new environment, meeting new people, conquering new heights and facing the future you are yet to unveil. As the days go by, so will the time that you spend with those who stuck by you for the last 6 years. I hope you take this time to work hard enough to make yourself proud. Take this time to say goodbye and to make the most out of your high school life. Take this time, before you take your one last step.

Every day you’ll be battling senioritis and sepanx. Senioritis will be knocking on your door at 6am telling you not to get up because you need a few more hours of sleep (The first subject isn’t a major one so). Senioritis will tell you to do “pwede na yan” when you know that you can aim for something more than what is expected from you. Senioritis will lead you to sleepless nights and restless days. It will be a battle with yourself, just trying to get over the next few quarters. Just a little bit more and you’ll be walking your last in this hall.

Sepanx doesn’t tell you when it wants to visit and take over your emotions, it just comes and goes as it pleases. You’ll feel a little kick in your stomach as you take your last final exam in Physics (because even though you hated the subject it was still one hell of a ride). A tear or two might visit as you look at yourself in the mirror wearing you school uniform for the last time. It’s going to eat you up as you’re eating your last meals with your friends at the table you waited 4 years to claim as territory. Sepanx will whisper in your ear, “You’ll miss them.” as you laugh with your classmates about the time you embarrased yourself. You’ll miss this, the traffic, the long lines at the canteen, the terror professors, the haunted classrooms, all out war during Intramurals and so much more. But most of all, you’ll miss the feeling of this being your second home. This place was a witness of how you went out of your shell and how it molded you to be the person you are now.

I hope you know that College will be a different ball game. You’re back to square one. And it’s okay to be afraid, confused and worried at this time. For sure you are, as you will be juggling academics and extra curricular activities. How does one stay sane with college applications in one hand and finals on the other? But let me tell you this, once you get there it will all be worth it.

So I bid you good luck and best wishes. I just have a few words for you to survive your senior year.

1. Why do later what you can do now?
2. Failure is part of success.
3. Pray hard, work harder.
4. Hustle through every struggle.
5. Just do you, and you’ll get through.

And most importantly, we all have different paths to take to success, some take the roads less travelled, while others take the ones tried and tested. Whatever road you take, it won’t matter as long as you get to where you want to be.



Ang tagal kong inantay yung araw na toh. Itong gabi na masasabi ko na, tanggap ko na. Tanggap ko na, na hindi ko lagi makukuha yung gusto ko, mapabagay man o tao. Tanggap ko na, na kahit ibigay ko sa’yo ung pagmamahal ko nang buong-buo hindi ito magiging sapat para mahalin mo din ako. Tanggap ko na, na kahit ilang ulit kong ipagdasal at hilingin na sana maisip mo na mahal mo pala ako, kung hindi para sa akin hindi ito ipagkakaloob ng Diyos. Tanggap ko na, na mas mabuting pinalaya na kita at pinalaya ko na ang sarili ko mula sa’yo.

Nung una nalulungkot pa ako, pero sa totoo nalulungkot pa rin naman ako. Dahil akala ko kaya, akala ko posible, akala ko pwede, kaso ako lang pala yung nag iisip nun. Ako lang pala may gusto nun. Patawarin mo ko ha, dahil ang tagal bago ko natanggap. Patawad kasi nagkagulo pa.

Salamat nga pala, kasi binigyan mo ko nang pagkakataon na hanapin ang aking sarili. Binigyan mo ko ng pagkakataon na unti unting ipunin at buuin ang nawasak kong sarili at puso. Salamat pala dahil binigyan mo ko ng pagkakataong makilala ka at mahalin ka. Salamat kasi hindi mo pinagkait sa’kin yun. Salamat dahil sa’yo natuto akong magpakatatag at magmahal ng buong puso. Salamat dahil natuklasan ko na ang ganda sa pag-ibig ay wala sa pakiramdam na may nagmamahal sa’yo, at nasa pakiramdam na may minamahal ka. Muli, buong puso akong nagpapasalamat.

Hindi ko na hihilingin na sana magising ka isang araw tas maiisip mo na mahal pala ako. Hindi ko na hihilingin na mahalin mo rin ako. Hindi na ako hihiling sa’yo ng mga bagay na alam kong di mo kayang ibigay.

Hinihiling ko na lang, na sa pag gising mo sa araw- araw maalala mo na may nagmamahal sa’yo kahit na iniisip mong di ka karapat-dapat mahalin. Hinihiling ko na sana maging masaya ka, kahit saan ka pa dalhin ng tadhana. Hinihiling ko na sana hindi mo maranasan yung sakit na naranasan ko. Hinihiling ko na sana buksan mo ang buhay at puso mo sa mga tao. Hinihiling ko ito, dahil karapat-dapat ka pa rin maging masaya.

Tandaan mo na sa kabila ng lahat, may lugar ka pa rin sa puso at buhay ko.


Ready CETs Go!

With the new school year coming up, high school seniors sure are already at the edge of their seats waiting for graduation. But what comes with their last year in high school is CETs season, months of preparing for the different college entrance exams, choosing between courses and campuses, beating the jitters during the exam day and so much more. Basically, it’s having the next four years of your life at stake.

Senior year is not just about CETs season, it also comes with battling senioritis and sepanx from high school. Eventually, you’ll be saying goodbye to the halls you once called home, and friends you consider as family.

With all of these things to think about, how does one get ready for CETs?


Hustle ahead

What to do months or weeks before your exam

  1. Lay it all out.

What course do you want to take? What do you see yourself doing in the near future? What are you passionate about? What do you dream to be? Lay out your plans. This is best done with your parents’ guidance. I personally advise that you voice out your plans to your parents or to anyone who will be there to guide you through college. Even when they want you to take a different path, they only want the best for you. In this case, show them where you want to be and who you want to be.

  1. Gather the facts.

Research about the different courses you plan to apply for and the different campuses you intend to attend to. It’s also good that you check out the curriculums and the career paths each course can offer you. Learn about the faculty, facilities, fees, and scholarships they offer. You should also know the application process, files needed etc. for each school. Know where you will be taking the exam, the location of the washrooms, what to wear etc. Planning ahead saves you the hassle at the end.

There is no perfect formula to aceing college entrance exams, but for sure studying ahead is helpful. College entrance exams in the country vary from each school but most have subtests for Math, English, and Science. You can try taking review classes or using reviewers (which can be purchased from the bookstore or borrowed from peers).



A day before or hours before your exam don’t forget to:

  1. Check yourself.

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and you packed all the things you need (e.g. test permit, pencil, eraser, and snacks)

  1. Eat your pregame meal.

Not too much! Avoid food that may upset your stomach. You don’t want to rush to the washroom at the middle of your exam. You can try nuts, fresh fruits, and chocolate which they recommend as brain food. Take a sandwich, just something light but filling.

  1. Be on time.

What’s worse than battling nervousness on your exam day? Fighting your way through traffic and running for your life just to get to your testing center.

  1. Believe in yourself.

You worked hard for this! Shake off the jitters and keep calm. A calm mind and heart will really help you when answering. Believe in what you have done to get here and what you can do to get to wherever you want to be.


Hustle until the end

During the exam

Keep your focus on yourself and your exam. Don’t think about failing, think about succeeding. Try to keep calm throughout the exam to avoid getting a mental block.

Answer the questions you are sure about first, then answer those you can next. Answer last the questions you are unsure about. Accuracy is the key.

  1. Learn to make educated guesses.

Guessing will leave you a 25% or 50% chance of getting the correct answer. Try to answer all the questions, it’s worth a shot.




What should you do after CETs? Reward yourself! Eat a hefty meal or splurge a little. Treat yourself because you conquered it! Make the most out of your senior year and remember:


It doesn’t matter where what matters is that you get there.


Good luck Batch 2018, my heart is with you on your journey to CETs season.


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Introducing Me

My high school yearbook write up goes like this,

” Nadine, fondly called Hoxy, was a shy and soft spoken girl when she entered high school. But she soon came out of her shell and transitioned to being strong-willed and outspoken. “She always puts others before herself,” This is what Hoxy is known for. She never fails to give anyone more than what is expected from her. From providing reviewers to life advice, Hoxy never fails to go the extra mile. You can rely on her to give you nothing but genuine service. Hoxy is always the one who initiates group photos or selfies especially when the lighting is on point. She loves to eat and can consume more food than most people but still manages to have a flat stomach. One of the greatest things she can give you is her time. Despite her toxic schedule, Hoxy will devote time to anyone who needs her. She’ll listen to you and know the right words to say. Hoxy is surely someone you’d want to keep as she will always assure you of your worth and treasure your presence in her life. Her existence in your life will most definitely leave a beautiful impact on you. Hoxy has a heart of a lion and this should never be caged.”

But, I would want to continue my story,  as a girl with a dream that will strive and the girl with passion that will thrive. 

I am Nadine Hocson, a 17-year old girl with a dream and passion to make a difference. To have a dream and have passion to go with it is the recipe to success as one must learn to aspire in order to inspire. At our young age, we must be able to make even a small difference or impact in the lives of the people that we meet. We may be millenials but I believe that we have what it takes to be monumental. It will just take a dream and passion to make it possible. With taking my chance as a #wimtern I’ll take this opportunity to use my voice and make a difference, regardless if it may be small or large. I have witnessed my written works in different platforms such as Thought Catalog and OnMogul leave a mark to various readers. With this chance, I want to show young girls that their dreams and passion give them what it takes to make a difference. 

With my writing, I aim not only to reach out to readers but also be able to inspire them. But to be able to do this, I know I still have a lot to learn. I’ve been writing for the past four years, starting out with my own blog and eventually finding my way into writing for our school publication. After this, I ventured into contributing my works to Thought Catalog and OnMogul. Being able to write for platforms such as those sparked my passion to write to inspire. Realizing that your words are able to speak to your readers, gave me inspiration to pursue my passion for it.

With, I believe that I can do just that. IMG_4039



Ang Kinakatakutan ng Isang Dalaga

Ang kinakatakutan ng isang dalaga ay ang mawala at mawalan. 

Natatakot kang mawala sa dami ng ginagawa. Natatakot kang mawala sa buhos ng tao. Natatakot kang mawala sa sarili mo. Natatakot kang mawala parang isang bula, mawala ng walang bakas. Natatakot kang mawalan, mawalan ng minamahal. Natatakot kang mawalan ng upuan sa LRT o di kaya sa silid aralan. Natatakot kang mawalan ng pera, damit at ano pang materyal na bagay. Natatakot kang mawalan ng katalinuhan at kagandahan. Natatakot kang mawalan ng pamilya, kaibigan at iba pa. Natatakot kang mawala at mawalan, paano kaya kapag nangyari na?
Ang kinakatakutan ng isang dalaga ay ang magmahal at mahalin.

Natatakot kang magmahal kasi hindi ka mapakali. Natatakot ka na baka sumobra o magkulang ang pagmamahal na binibigay mo. Natatakot kang magmahal dahil gusto mo maging sapat at ayaw mong makasakit. Natatakot kang magmahal kasi baka ang kalabasan ikaw na lang ang lumaban at manatili. Natatakot kang magmahal dahil baka sa huli wala nang matira at maiwan ka paring malungkot at nag-iisa. Natatakot kang mahalin dahil baka hindi mo kayanin. Natatakot kang mahalin dahil baka hindi mo masuklian ang pagmamahal na ibinabahagi sayo. Natatakot kang mahalin dahil hindi mo alam kung hanggang saan ka kayang dalhin ng pagmamahal na sinasabi mo. Natatakot kang mahalin dahil pagod ka na marinig ang mga pangakong napako. Natatakot kang mahalin dahil ayaw mong maghintay sa wala o umasa sa walang kakwenta-kwenta. Natatakot kang mahalin dahil ayaw mong dumating ang araw na sasabihin niya, “Iiwan na kita, ayoko na.”
Ang kinakatakutan ng isang dalaga ay ang makasakit at masaktan. 

Natatakot kang masaktan dahil hindi mo alam kung ano ang gagawin. Natatakot kang masaktan dahil hindi ka sanay makaramdam nito.Natatakot kang masaktan dahil nasaktan ka na dati at ayaw mo nang balikan. Natatakot kang masaktan dahil pagod ka nang makaramdam. Natatakot kang masaktan dahil sawang sawa ka na maging api at maging kawawa. Natatakot kang masaktan dahil ikaw na naman ang talo sa huli. Natatakot kang makasakit ng hayop dahil kawawa. Natatakot kang makasakit ng iba dahil masama. Natatakot kang makasakit ng kaibigan kasi baka iwan ka. Natatakot kang makasakit ng minamahal dahil baka sukuan ka. Natatakot kang makasakit, bakit nga ba? Kung ang sakit ay parte ng buhay at pagmamahal bakit ito kinakatakutan? Bakit hindi matanggap na kaagapay ng pagmamahal ay pagsasakripisyo? Bakit takot kang makasakit at masaktan? 

Ang huling kinakatakutan ng isang dalaga ay ang makalimot at makalimutan. 

Kinakatakot niya na baka siya ay makalimot. Na baka makaligtaan niya ang mga maliliit na bagay na may malaking halaga sa ibang tao. Kinakatakot niya na baka makalimutan niya ang kanyang sarili. Na sa sobrang pagmamahal sa iba ay makalimutan niyang kailangan niyang alagaan ang kanyang sarili. Na baka sa sobrang pag-aalala sa iba ay makalimutan niya na may pangangailangan din siya. Natatakot siyan makalimot sa mga bagay na dapat mas pinapahalagahan. Natatakot siyang makalimot, takot na takot. Dahil ayaw niyang magawa sa iba ang nagawa na sa kanya. 

Kinakatakutan niya na baka kahit anong gawin niyang maganda ay wala pa rin makakaalala sa kanya. Kahit anong buti ng kanyang puso at budhi, walang makakaalam at walang magkakaron ng pakialam. Kinakatakutan ng isang dalaga na kahit ibigay niya ang mundo sa isang tao paglipas ng panahon, hindi pa rin siya maalala nito. Ang mithiin lang naman ng isang dalaga ay hindi makalimutan kahit anong mangyari.Mithiin niya na mag iwan ng bakas ng kanyang buhay sa iba’t ibang taong kanyang nakikilala. Natatakot siyan makalimutan, naluluha na kapag naalala. Ang panahong siya’y nakalimutan, panahong ayaw na niyang balikan. 

Star Crossed Lovers

It isn’t a case of bad timing

 Or a situation of someone dying. 

It was just something that was should be

But couldn’t be.
It’s not about the name or any name perhaps.

It was all about love and its mishaps.

Not about destiny, fate or happy endings,
This is just a story of two left hurting. 

It started with something like this: 
Not more than lovers or less than friends, 

It was all about fighting for each other till the end 

More about angels and demons that told you to “Love each other” “Love someone else.” 

It’s exciting and at the same time frightening,

To know that the one you love may give up and just stop fighting.

We both know that our paths may no longer cross 

And that it did before.
We are no less than star crossed lovers, 

loving each other from afar.