Falling. This word rings a lot into it, an object crashing from top to bottom or most likely a person having this emotional, unexplainable attachment to a person. This can’t be called love just yet though, because love has more to it than anyone could ever imagine. So what is falling in love? How does one fall in love? Why does one fall in love? Falling in my experience is when you give in for your feelings for a person up to the point that you make your world revolve around him/her. Falling is really unexplainable, it can happen in a blink of an eye and sometimes you’re not even aware that you already fell in love. Falling in love is an infinite feeling, every single one has their own fall.


How does one fall in love? By a person caring for you dearly, or by someone treating you different above others, by letting you feel special. When you fall in love, nothing else really matters. Everything just stops and all you can think about is the person you fell for. Day in day out he/she’s what is important, nothing else matters. You start to think about everything you’ve done together. All he/she does has a meaning for you. You just attach yourself to that person unintentionally. Once you fall, good luck getting back up.



Why does one fall in love? You fall in love, because that person makes you feel you’re their only priority. A simple gesture, letter or smile can make you fall in love. Make you feel like you’re on the top of the world. Make you the centre of their universe. That is how you assume things so it tends to make you fall in love. There is really no accurate reason why you fall in love, cause falling in love isn’t a choice staying in love is. When you fall in love, you have a choice to stay in love or just get back up and move on . (it isn’t easy as it seems though). It’s all up to you.


No one can actually tell accurately how you fall in love. Every one has their own stories of how they fell in love. Every fall that teaches you how to get back up and go on. Falling in love is involuntary, it just happens. Falling doesn’t always mean you’ll hit rock bottom, maybe on the other side someone will be there to catch you. Don’t be afraid to fall, cause falling will teach you how to get back up with your own feet. Fall until you find someone there to catch you.



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