Sunny Nights and Rainy Days

You are the sun that shined through my darkest days, and the moon that guided me through the gloomy nights. You would greet me with that darling smile every morning. Your sweet goodnight would put me to sleep every night. You were my bliss, where my happiness was. You were my world and I was yours. We have conquered the world of ordeals together and made us stronger than ever. You made feel like I was on the top of your world and never made me feel any less. We never told each other I love you but deep inside we know that we do.

Our days together were always one for the books, every moment was just full of simple joys and blissful laughter. We just had this connection, we knew when one was okay or not. It was like there was this chain in our hearts that always made us end up together. There was this certain light in our eyes that would brighten up whenever we see each other. There was this feeling of security whenever we hugged or held hands. We talk as if there is no tomorrow and we just miss each other uncontrollably. What we had, it was special and I would give up the remaining days of my life to spend the it with you. What we had, it was like the prize that you would get at the end of the rainbow. What we had, was as precious as a diamond and as sweet as a rose. And every night I wish I could bring what we had.

One day it just stopped. The spark that once lit up our faces was just gone with the wind. It was devastating, see what we had be washed away so easily like the waves. It wasn’t easy, seeing you be happy without me. It will never be the same sunny days and rainy nights without your sweet smile. It will never be the same storms, as so I know you wont be the rainbow that will follow. It will never be the same days of my life without the sun that would brighten them up. It will never be the same bliss I had with you.

And all those times, I knew that we wont go back to the way we were before. I accepted it, even if it meant living without you. Even if it meant letting you go. But what hurts the most, was when you left me without saying why and all that was left were rainy days and sunny nights.


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