This is the end


There will come a time when we cant be there for each other anymore. What we used to do wont be enough to assure that we can still go on, it wont be enough to assure us that everything’s gonna be alright. It’s the time when we realize what used to cant cope up with what we are right now. We wont be able to stand each other. What we have wont be enough to keep us together. What we are wont be enough to keep what we have. Just because we’re slowly falling not for each other anymore but apart. Slowly but surely it wont be you and me against the world anymore.

Sooner or later this time will come, we wont know when but I surely know why. We will slowly fall in love with the memories we shared not with the ones we make. We will slowly fall in love with what we had not with what we have. Our world will slowly fall apart and none of us can be there for each other to stop it. We’ll get tired of breaking down each other’s walls just to know what we feel. We wont be each other’s go-to at 2am when we’re both overthinking and at 8pm when we’re both cramming. We will run out of long messages to send assuring us that everything’s gonna work out well. We will be left with nothing but wonderful yesterdays. We will get tired of watching the sunset together. We will get tired eventually. And eventually run out of reasons to make us stay.

When this time comes, leave me. No words, just a goodbye. Dont try to fix it, dont dare to try again. Dont chase me. All the do’s they told us to do, dont. Ironic right? But this is it. This is how things came to be. Just accept it and walk away. Years from now this wont even matter. This will just serve as a lesson to strengthen our hearts, a memory to feel nostalgic about, a nightmare to think about at 2 am and a dream to live out.

This time will come. Please dont run away from it, please dont deny it. Please just let go. It wont be good to hold on something not there anymore.

This is it. The time I feared came. I love you, I’ll always do. We both just lost reasons to keep up. We both lost what we once cherished both. I hope this is our last. I hope this is it. This is it, the end of the fairytale love affair that never was. The happy ending that never came to be.


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