Clean Slate

Remember that thing we used to to have when we were kids the thing you write on and it kinda disappears after you wipe it. That clean slate? Clean slate.

Everything you write on that clean slate even after erasing it leaves a mark on the back. Now, whatever it is that we have , started on a clean slate. Everything we wrote on that clean slate erase it now but it will leave a mark forever. The deeper the writing the more visible the marks left.

A clean slate is all everyone wants in life. We want it after every heartache, after every fall, after every crash and burn we might run into but we need to accept that clean slates only happen once. It’s that one special thing bestowed upon us, ruin now and it wont go back to the way it was before. Its hard to accept this. That once you write on that clean slate it will forever leave a mark.

We started on a clean slate. It had writings that leave marks here and there. I accepted them all I hope you did too. And now whatever it is that happened. It was too deep, it almost made a hole on that clean slate. I was so close to burning or leaving that clean slate because I thought it seemed useless to you. I thought I was useless to you. But, I wasnt. And I’m glad to know I wasnt.

That clean slate is a chance, a gift of a lifetime and an opportunity most of us take for granted. Its something we thought we’ll forever have but we dont really know what we have until it turns out to be what we had. That clean slate serves as something we all wanted to have everytime it gets rough. We all want a new start. We all want a new beginning. We all want what we know we cant have. Its something to live by. It teaches us to cherish what we have before it turns out to be what we had.

We’re not given a new clean slate to start with but we are given a second chance. We’re given a second chance to work this out. We’re given a second chance, something we promise not to take for granted. We can never erase the marks we left before. All the words we said, the problems we solved and the memories made will never be replaced nor forgotten. What we can do is that with the marks we made before, we shouldnt trace them back anymore. We should write new things and leave new marks. Marks that I will remember for the happiness and knowledge it will leave me and not as the scars of pain it was meant to be.

Clean slates were made to be written on. And we may not be given a clean slate to start with this time but I am starting on a second chance. A second chance to write new things and leave new marks. A second chance to not take everything for granted. And a second chance to prove that no one ever needs another clean slate just to prove everything has changed.


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