“Don’t cry because it ended, smile because it happened.” This quote by Dr. Seuss always gets me. I for one believes in this quote. It really isn’t about endings, ironically why there are happy endings and a belief of forever. Maybe there is such a thing, maybe there isn’t. Well this is why we should start living while it’s happening and stop crying when it’s ending.

Everyone knows how to exist but only a few know how to live. We breathe, eat sleep work repeat. It’s how we exist but do we really live? We exist and die without even knowing the people who truly love us. We exist and die without knowing the true meaning of happiness. We exist and die without knowing how it feels to be truly loved. Maybe it’s time to stop existing and start living. Maybe it’s time to take uncalculated risks. Maybe it’s time to run after the person you know was worth fighting for. Maybe it’s time to stop chasing trains you know you can’t catch. Maybe it’s time that you love yourself for once.

There 525 600 minutes given to you in a year. Time is a luxury we all couldn’t afford. It goes by without you even knowing and the next thing you remember is that you wasted 525 600 minutes of your precious life on something not even worth your time. Time holds us in our necks and controls our whole existence and time is uncertain. Maybe you’re only given 525600 minutes to live, or up to 8,409,600 minutes to enjoy your life. One way or another you’ll use it up. No one knows when your body clock will stop, and your heart will stop beating. One thing is certain, that it will one day, one day your clock will stop.

Frightening isn’t it, knowing that you don’t know when you’ll stop running, when your heart will stop beating. There is one thing you do know, it’s that you can do something to make every heartbeat left worthwhile and that there is still 525,600 minutes given to you to start living. Wouldn’t it feel great to check something of your bucket list? Or to at least conquer some fears. Or maybe achieve those goals, from relationship to friendship goals it won’t matter. As long as you know that every minute you’re doing what you love, you’re smiling while it’s happening. And that you have something to look back to at the 525,600th minute of every year.

On that 525,600 minute don’t forget to do something that will make you remember that minute. Tell her you love her. Jump as high as you can and shout “I made it!” Send that pending message you’ve been hiding for a year. Risk it. For living is about the uncalculated risks, the chances you’ll take, the decisions you made, the wounds that healed and the scars left behind, the tears you’ve shed and the laughter you shared. Living is about the broken hearts and cracked smiles, the rainbows after every storm, the memories shared and promises forgotten, it’s about the pain and happiness, it’s how ironic life can be. But isn’t it fulfilling to know that you spent every second of those 525,600 minutes knowing it was worth living?

You have 1980 minutes left before the clock stops at 12 and we’re bound with a new year ahead of us, another 525,600 minutes. Do something worthwhile, do something that will make you look back at this year and realize that up until the 525,600th minute you lived, not existed.


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