Once Told

I was told that learning it the hard way would make things easy along the way.

I was told that you should rather bend than break,

so you would learn to be strong for your own sake.

I was told that nothing lasted forever

but learned at a young age it does and it felt better.

I was told that in order to be strong

you need to know the things that might hurt you for long.

I was told that the more you want the more it’s taken away

I didn’t believe it until you became the one that got away.

I was told to let go of the things not worth fighting for

And I did and with that I also lost the one that loved me more.

I was told you only regret the chances you will never take

And I took that chance when I let you go, and I regret that every day that I wake.

I was told things I held on to for years

and with these things there’s more out there to fear.

I was told of these things and more

but never of the things hidden under smiles and the things I fought for.


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