What’s bothering you at night?

What’s bothering you at night? 

During the wee times of night to dawn, people have several things going on their minds. Some are in deep sleep, dreaming of the could have beens. Some in a beautiful nightmare of the chances they should’ve taken. And then there’s you, with your thoughts traveling and flying in and out. And all you can say to yourself is “nothing makes sense anymore at this time”.

What’s bothering you at night?

That can be a simple text from a friend asking if you’re alright but deep inside they want you to ask them what’s wrong. It can be a simple question you ask someone else, but they’re too busy drowning in their own thoughts that all they can answer is “I’m fine, I’m okay.” 

What’s bothering you at night? 

The irrational fear of monsters under your bed. Or the irrational fear that you’ll wake up with an amputated leg when you fall asleep with a leg uncovered by the blanket. Its the fear that someone is watching you sleep. Its the irrational fear of monsters when truly the true monsters are the ones you co-exist with.

What’s bothering you at night?

Maybe its your fear that you wouldnt wake up again the next day. The fear that you’ll fall into a deep sleep and forget to wake up. The fear that the time has come for you. The fear that maybe just maybe there wont be a brighter tomorrow for you. 

What’s bothering you at night?

Its the thought that you’ll have a nightmare and wont recover from it. Its the thought that you’ll get too caught up in a dream that you wouldnt want it to end. You wake up the next day realizing it was just a dream and you are hit by reality as hard as it could. Its the thought that “I wish dreams really do come true.” 

What’s bothering you at night?

Its the probability of de ja vu. That maybe just maybe there’s a 50% chance that when you dreamt of meeting the guy of your dreams, you will the next day. Its belief that “Dreams really do come true.” But sooner or later reality will hit you as deep as it could and leave you with a mark and you’ll never believe in dreams again. 

What’s bothering you tonight?

“I’m not getting a reply, its been 12 hours. Maybe he’s not interested or he doesnt care.” 

“What if she leaves me? Can I bear the thought of being alone?” 

“It’s been weeks and I’m still crying. Soon it will be months and I promise myself not a tear will drop.” 

” What if I dont pass? What if it doesnt turn out well? Will I still have a bright future ahead of me?” 

“I’m so confused. My mind is saying one thing and my heart another. I dont know where to go.” 

“I want to see you happy, but happy with me. My world will anguish when I see you happy without me.” 

“You’re changing and I cant keep up. You’re changing into the person you told me you’ll never be.” 

“When can I be good enough for anyone? When can someone realize that I am of greater worth?” 

“I hear my heart break a little whenever I hear your name. The wounds turned into scars, but the pain lasts forever.” 

“I want you back. I need you back. Please come back.” 

“What if you leave me hanging? Please dont leave. Please.” 

“It’s hard loving you from a distance, it will be even harder loving you through the distance.” 

“I promised myself not to let someone break my heart again. I thought you were worth the pain, but seems like you werent.”

“I hope you miss me as much as I miss you.” 

“I love you and an I love you too from you will be a season of rain in the desert.”

“Your reply is a million dollar call that just wont ring.” 

“You were worth every tear and laughter. ” 

What’s bothering you tonight? 

What if you were the one bothering someone tonight? What if you’re the reason why they are in pain this very moment. Why they cant seem to fall into a calming sleep? What if thoughts of you are invading theirs right now and with every turn they do on their beds they cant seem to wipe you off. 

Be a thought worth bothering about. Be a thought that would make them fall fast asleep. May you be a thought of assurance or security. Be a thought that will make them feel that they’re loved. 

Be a thought that would give them a reason to look forward to tomorrow. 

What’s bothering you tonight?


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