Pencil and Paper


The pencil wrote everything. From what it wanted to say, what it wanted to be kept private. From the things you choose not to say, the things you needed to say and the things better left unsaid. The things pencil would write had no limits. It can be about anything under the sun up to the things kept underground. The only limit pencil had, was until the lead ran out. Pencil was happy go lucky. Pencil never knew how to value the things that come her way. Because for pencil all the things she meets and encounter are temporary, so why even bother investing feelings and time if they’re going to leave any way? And pencil like any other made mistakes along the way. The eraser always gave pencil a hand in removing the mistakes and letting pencil do it all over again. Pencil had eraser to limit its second chances. Pencil can be the luckiest one. Imagine the second chances pencil has encountered through its existence. Second chances shared, used and taken for granted. But for pencil second chances weren’t enough. Pencil needed someone to numb the pain and happiness. Pencil had paper.


Paper, the hopeless romantic would do anything for pencil. Paper was purposed to catch every word pencil utters. From the sweetest memories to the most painful sacrifices, paper endured it all for pencil. Paper seemed to be nothing without pencil. Paper’s purpose was to be pencil’s punching bag. Paper usually thrown with the harshest words when pencil had her days and sometimes well if lucky, paper would be treated with magnificent words of gratitude by pencil. But that happened rarely since pencil never really knew paper’s worth. Paper was so caught up with pencil that paper didn’t seem to realize that he was slowly deteriorating. When every time pencil committed a mistake, she would erase it leaving paper a layer less than what he had before. Pencil never minded it. Pencil just used up all paper’s layers and the hundreds of second chances the eraser gave. Paper endured it all. The pain of deterioration, the pain that sometimes pokes through him that leaves him a hole, so hollow and empty; was making him feel incomplete. Paper slowly realized that through the endurance of the pain, it doesn’t only deteriorate his layers, it leaves a mark. A mark so deep it still stings even if it is healed. Paper endured it all.

Pencil and Paper

Pencil and paper were inseparable. Pencil and paper seemed to fit each other’s needs perfectly. Pencil and paper looked like a match made in heaven. That’s what paper wanted to believe. That’s what paper believed for quite some time, it made him love pencil even more. It made him think that maybe it could just work. But for pencil it was nothing. Pencil just needed something to numb the pain and the happiness. Pencil didn’t mind paper’s feelings. Pencil just wanted something else. Pencil just wanted and needed a friend when paper wanted and expected something more. Double coincidence of wants and needs seemed to get in the way. Paper knew it all along. Paper knew what pencil wanted but aimed to be more. Paper wanted to prove to pencil that he is the best thing that ever happened to pencil. And that pencil deserves nothing less but paper. But pencil had something else in mind, something that is not paper. Paper, as stubborn as he is refused to accept that at first, he even made rejection to drive him to be better.

But paper soon lost that drive. Paper soon lost reasons to keep him going. Paper, once driven by rejection made him give up. Paper got tired of running after pencil’s expectations. Paper lost reasons to fight for pencil. Paper, eventually left.

And soon after this, pencil didn’t mind. Pencil was already used to people leaving. Pencil didn’t even say goodbye or thank you. For pencil there were no attachments to detach. For pencil it was just one of those who said they’ll stay but eventually just stopped by and went away. For pencil, paper was just one of those who were of just certain value not to be ran after.

Then as the days went by, paper felt like huge weight was lifted from him. His layers once again forming and getting ready to be used by someone willing and deserving. But paper felt incomplete, a lot of pencils and even pens came and went but he didn’t feel the same as he did with Pencil. He didn’t mind it and went on. Paper eventually met someone deserving of the things he once did for pencil. Paper was contented at least. He eventually found someone who saw his worth.

Watching from a distance was Pencil. Pencil tried to run after paper but never realized the reasons why up until she saw him with someone else. Pencil tried but soon realized that Paper deserved someone who wouldn’t take him for granted, someone who at first look saw his worth. Someone who would never treat Paper as she treated him. Pencil realized that she had to let Paper be something she has turn to something she had to make her realize his worth.

For Pencil, Paper will always be the one that got away and for Paper, Pencil will always be the one who should’ve been.


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