I’m Tired

I’m tired of you 

Tired of waiting for nothing 

Tired of always needing to spark up the conversation 

Tired of always being there for you even if you were never there for me

Tired of the same old routine

Tired of the labels and the inconsistency 

Tired of having to catch you whenever you fall

Tired of breaking myself just to make you whole 

I’m tired of myself

Tired of crying without any known reason 

tired of the same person I’d cry about 

Tired of having to please everyone 

Tired of loving even those who dont deserve it 

Tired of running 

Tired of falling 

Tired of being sad 

Tired of trying 

Tired of dodging bullets 

Tired of stopping myself from pulling the trigger

Tired of trying to keep my life together

I’m tired 

I want to say I’m done 

But seems like I’m not in the position to say so 

I should never be tired 

I dont have the right to say I’m tired because someone else is doing worse and harder things than what I am doing 

But they dont see it. 

The scars that still sting with pain.

The tear marks on your pillowcase

The bloodstain on the blade 

The one crying for help that no one seems to hear

But they dont seem to notice

The eyes tired of crying 

The lips tired of faking a smile

The legs tired of running after people

The hands tired of trying 

The feet tired of leaving footsteps for you to follow

The head tired of deciding 

and The heart tired of breaking.

I’m tired 

I need an escape

Someone give me a breather 

because sooner or later 

I’ll have to give it all up 


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