Maybe I’m all too covered in wounds 

Maybe I need time to heal

Maybe I need to accept these scars

Maybe I’ll need space to give it some thought

Maybe it’s all over and gone

Maybe it’s time to let you move on

Maybe it’s time to let it all go

Maybe it’s time to let you go 

Maybe it was never meant to last

Maybe we just fooled ourselves into something that never was

Maybe our story doesn’t deserve a happy ending

Maybe our hearts just needed a little mending

Maybe we just needed something to fill the emptiness in our hearts

Maybe we were never strong enough to admit it ourselves

That Band-Aids won’t fix bullet-holes

Maybe we just needed to be together just for show. 

Maybe it’s time so say goodbye.

Even without telling me the reasons why

Maybe there are no longer reasons to fight anymore

Maybe we never even knew in the first place 

What we were fighting for.

Maybe you’ve reached the end of the line

Maybe you’ve seen all of the signs

Maybe you have new dreams you’re building upon

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to move on

Maybe you’ve realized you never needed me after all

Maybe I should stop breaking your walls

Maybe you’ve realized I wasn’t the one after all

Maybe I should stop assuming at all

Maybe I’ve realized it’s time to put a rest

Maybe I’ve realized it’s time to love you less

Maybe I’ve realized to love myself more

Maybe I’ve realized the reasons I really live for

Maybe in time we’ll set aside our pride

Maybe in time I’ll tell you what I really feel inside

Maybe in time I’ll ask for your forgiveness

Maybe in time we’ll hate each other less

Maybe it’s better this way

Maybe we can be okay

Maybe we’ll be happier apart

Maybe we better love each other from a far

Maybe we’ll find reasons to stay together

Maybe we just need time to believe once again in forever

Maybe we’ll realize it could’ve worked out

Maybe we’ll realize we needed to go on different routes

Maybe for now all I can say is goodbye

Maybe for now I can’t bear to tell you why

Maybe for now this is the best

Maybe for now space will give us rest

Maybe the next time I see you 

You would be happier

Maybe the next time I see you

We wouldn’t be together

Maybe the next time I’ll see you 

You wouldn’t even remember. 

Maybe I’ll still be living

Maybe I’ll still be waiting

Maybe I’ll still be hoping

But one thing is certain

And that’s I’m still hurting.


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