Do you ever feel like after you’ve lost someone or when you feel that you are losing someone? As one day passes you just feel that you’re losing the person slowly.

 People that we love would have a vivid picture in our heads that we can go back to again and again, but  as every day passes that we’re not  seeing that person, that picture gets blurrier and maybe we get scared that when the time comes that will see that person again or if they come back, All we will remember is a blank space, an undeveloped Polaroid picture, a blank canvass, empty frame.

These so called images can signal us to remember certain memories even make us feel certain emotions, emotions that we felt with that person. You can feel happiness, pain, sorrow, anguish, joy, contentment, fear, anger, greed and all other sorts with just one vivid picture. But what if these emotions can make you remember or forget those images. Anger, pain, anguish, what if these dark emotions wil cause the once vivid image to slowly blur and eventually make it disappear forever? What if happiness, love, longing, contentment and joy will make you remember those images and make them more vivid as the feelings get stronger up to a point that those images will be life like? 

Isnt it frightening and comforting at the same time? That the course of those vivid images are in your hands. You can turn them into blurred pictures with just making yourself remember the pain, sorrow, fear they caused you. Or you can turn those vivid pictures to life by remembering the joy, happiness and contentment they made you feel? 

I once had a vivid picture of the one who made my heart race and the one who broke it for the first time. But now when I try to remember that picture in my head, it’s blurred and as time passes I cant even manage to remember it. It fades away slowly as the days go by. The happiness and pain that it once came with is now gone. 

Vivid is as one should remember you. 


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