Fear of Having Too Much

We say we love the sun because it gives us the light of day. but when its heat flames up and shines too bright we run to shade. 
We say we love the rain because it makes us feel comfortable. But when it rains too much than we can handle, it floods. That’s why we bring our umbrellas and boots to keep us from getting wet. 
We say we love food because it can be our source of happiness. But when we eat too much, we feel the pain of being too full, of having too much to consume, or gaining too much weight. That’s why we stop ourselves or we moderate the food we eat. 
We say we love them but we’re not willing to give it our all. We’re never willing to love one more than we love ourself. That’s why we build walls to isolate ourselves or limit ourselves to loving someone from a distance. 
We protect ourselves from consuming or having too much. Because of the fear that too much of one thing wont be good anymore. And once it’s taken away you’ll crave for it and long for it much than before.


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