This One’s For You

To the people who saw me at my worst but still stayed this one’s for you.

You saw me cry my eyes out, curse every single minute. You saw me run away from the life I’ve lived for 14 years and throw it all away. You saw me drag myself into thinking I was better than anyone else. You saw me hurt myself constantly every day. You saw my wrists and battle scars. You saw me and my world fall apart. You saw me at my worst and you still stayed. Thank you. Maybe thank you will never be enough to show my utmost gratitude for you of all people stayed when everyone else in my life chose to walk away and give up on me. You were the few people who still saw the once happy girl in me. You were the few people who knew I could still pick myself up and start over. You were the few people who believed that I can, and I will. Words will never be enough to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. You didn’t walk away just like how the other people did when my world came crashing down. For God’s sake you even helped me rebuild it. I’m sorry that I’m difficult to deal with, I really am. I misunderstood easily. I think that the world revolves around me. I believe that I should always be on top of your priorities. I’m sorry that I thought so that way. I’m a very difficult person, tried, tested and proven. I don’t know what else to say besides, thank you and sorry. The two most powerful yet misused phrases in all languages. Thank you and I’m sorry, the two phrases just like me, that are taken for granted. And now all I have left to express is that, thank you for staying. Thank you, because of you I’ll never be the warrior that I am now.

To the people I’ve helped this one’s for you


I’ve heard and received messages saying “thank you” “you’re very helpful”. To the people I’ve helped throughout the 15 years of my existence, I’m the one who should say thank you because you’ve helped me. Without you, I wouldn’t be here, writing. Without you, I wouldn’t be inspired to help out more people. Without you, I wouldn’t be the person that I am now and I will become. The happiness that I feel whenever I see people move on, be happy because of my help can never be replaced nor syndicated. There is this sense of fulfilment whenever I see people have weights lifted from them. It feels great to touch the lives and hearts of others. Helping should be from the heart. And believe me I do help everyone, with the sincerest of intentions. To the people I’ve helped, I may have touched your lives and hearts but believe me when I say you’ve captured mine. To the people I’ve helped, I may not know who you all are but I hope wherever you are, whoever you are, I do pray that you’re all happy. I do hope that you’ll also help others as how I’ve helped you. Let this be a domino effect, one act of kindness and I hope you pass it on.

To the people that have caused me pain this one’s for you


There are different kinds of pain in this world, each one designed to hurt you and to teach you a lesson. For the people that have caused me pain, I may not have forgiven each one but know that one day I will. Slowly I’ll learn to curb the pain and turn it into hope. I hope one day I’ll see all of you again, by that time you’ll be forgiven. It varies; maybe you were the person who pushed me in the middle of the street, the person in the crowd who shoved me, the one who broke my heart, and the one who got my hopes up or the one who I trusted that turned out to be the one who will betray me. You’ve caused me different degrees of pain, which came with different lessons. With each lesson, I carried as I live through the years. Maybe I’ll get over you sooner or later, maybe I’ll forget you, and the pain you’ve caused. I’ll forget how it feels to be left, I’ll forget how much tears I’ve shed. I’ll forget, eventually. But I’ll never forget to forgive you. There will be times that I’ll question, “Who am I to go through this kind of pain?” But I slowly realize that I wouldn’t be given this kind of pain, if I couldn’t go through it. I wouldn’t be given this kind of pain if God knew I wouldn’t learn anything from it. Life without pain isn’t life after all. Pain makes you feel. Pain taught you to forgive. Pain taught you to be strong. Pain taught you. Pain taught me too.

To the people I love this one’s for you


The people I love don’t end with the people I currently care about or are currently in my life, because even if I “loved” you, I don’t just stop loving you. I will love you, I will continue loving you, I just forget about it. I forget how it feels to love you, but I never forget that I love you. To the people I love, everyone has a special place in my heart. My heart can be divided into hundreds of pieces and as one hurts me, one piece is taken away but never thrown away. That piece is only kept until it deserves to be stocked back in my heart. Everyone I love is treated with care. Everyone I love is assured that I’ll always be there for you, even if you feel that I am not; I always here, loving you maybe from a distance. Please don’t feel that I don’t love you, I do. I take care of the people that I love because I know how it feels not to be loved back. I know how painful it is not to have the love you give, given back to you. I wouldn’t want to fail in loving people because that’s one of the most important things people deserve. People deserve love even if they can’t give it themselves. People can’t give what they don’t have, so those people who can’t seem to give out love, may have ran out of it. Give love, the love people deserve. People deserve different kinds of love. But please know that the most deserving of your love is yourself. Learn to love yourself. To the people I love, share the love I have given to you. Love just like most things, were made to be shared. What I love the most is seeing people being loved. Love is a powerful and magical thing. Love shouldn’t be thrown away because it was already hard to find it in the first place. To the people I love, I’ll always love you no matter what happens, wherever I may go. To the people I love, my heart beats for every single one of you.



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