Introducing Me

My high school yearbook write up goes like this,

” Nadine, fondly called Hoxy, was a shy and soft spoken girl when she entered high school. But she soon came out of her shell and transitioned to being strong-willed and outspoken. “She always puts others before herself,” This is what Hoxy is known for. She never fails to give anyone more than what is expected from her. From providing reviewers to life advice, Hoxy never fails to go the extra mile. You can rely on her to give you nothing but genuine service. Hoxy is always the one who initiates group photos or selfies especially when the lighting is on point. She loves to eat and can consume more food than most people but still manages to have a flat stomach. One of the greatest things she can give you is her time. Despite her toxic schedule, Hoxy will devote time to anyone who needs her. She’ll listen to you and know the right words to say. Hoxy is surely someone you’d want to keep as she will always assure you of your worth and treasure your presence in her life. Her existence in your life will most definitely leave a beautiful impact on you. Hoxy has a heart of a lion and this should never be caged.”

But, I would want to continue my story,  as a girl with a dream that will strive and the girl with passion that will thrive. 

I am Nadine Hocson, a 17-year old girl with a dream and passion to make a difference. To have a dream and have passion to go with it is the recipe to success as one must learn to aspire in order to inspire. At our young age, we must be able to make even a small difference or impact in the lives of the people that we meet. We may be millenials but I believe that we have what it takes to be monumental. It will just take a dream and passion to make it possible. With taking my chance as a #wimtern I’ll take this opportunity to use my voice and make a difference, regardless if it may be small or large. I have witnessed my written works in different platforms such as Thought Catalog and OnMogul leave a mark to various readers. With this chance, I want to show young girls that their dreams and passion give them what it takes to make a difference. 

With my writing, I aim not only to reach out to readers but also be able to inspire them. But to be able to do this, I know I still have a lot to learn. I’ve been writing for the past four years, starting out with my own blog and eventually finding my way into writing for our school publication. After this, I ventured into contributing my works to Thought Catalog and OnMogul. Being able to write for platforms such as those sparked my passion to write to inspire. Realizing that your words are able to speak to your readers, gave me inspiration to pursue my passion for it.

With, I believe that I can do just that. IMG_4039




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