Open Letter to the High School Seniors

In a few month’s time, you will be saying goodbye to the halls you once called home and the people you consider as family. Soon, you’ll be out in a whole new environment, meeting new people, conquering new heights and facing the future you are yet to unveil. As the days go by, so will the time that you spend with those who stuck by you for the last 6 years. I hope you take this time to work hard enough to make yourself proud. Take this time to say goodbye and to make the most out of your high school life. Take this time, before you take your one last step.

Every day you’ll be battling senioritis and sepanx. Senioritis will be knocking on your door at 6am telling you not to get up because you need a few more hours of sleep (The first subject isn’t a major one so). Senioritis will tell you to do “pwede na yan” when you know that you can aim for something more than what is expected from you. Senioritis will lead you to sleepless nights and restless days. It will be a battle with yourself, just trying to get over the next few quarters. Just a little bit more and you’ll be walking your last in this hall.

Sepanx doesn’t tell you when it wants to visit and take over your emotions, it just comes and goes as it pleases. You’ll feel a little kick in your stomach as you take your last final exam in Physics (because even though you hated the subject it was still one hell of a ride). A tear or two might visit as you look at yourself in the mirror wearing you school uniform for the last time. It’s going to eat you up as you’re eating your last meals with your friends at the table you waited 4 years to claim as territory. Sepanx will whisper in your ear, “You’ll miss them.” as you laugh with your classmates about the time you embarrased yourself. You’ll miss this, the traffic, the long lines at the canteen, the terror professors, the haunted classrooms, all out war during Intramurals and so much more. But most of all, you’ll miss the feeling of this being your second home. This place was a witness of how you went out of your shell and how it molded you to be the person you are now.

I hope you know that College will be a different ball game. You’re back to square one. And it’s okay to be afraid, confused and worried at this time. For sure you are, as you will be juggling academics and extra curricular activities. How does one stay sane with college applications in one hand and finals on the other? But let me tell you this, once you get there it will all be worth it.

So I bid you good luck and best wishes. I just have a few words for you to survive your senior year.

1. Why do later what you can do now?
2. Failure is part of success.
3. Pray hard, work harder.
4. Hustle through every struggle.
5. Just do you, and you’ll get through.

And most importantly, we all have different paths to take to success, some take the roads less travelled, while others take the ones tried and tested. Whatever road you take, it won’t matter as long as you get to where you want to be.



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